$KWIC Token
The $KWIC Token is a CIP-68 Cardano native crypto currency created purely as a utility token that powers the KWIC ecosystem. This token should never be considered a financial investment.
This is a detailed document explaining technical information about the $KWIC Token use cases and the first 24 month distribution plan. Once the first 24 month distribution plan has been completed a new distribution plan will be implemented, to learn more about this see the Token cyclesection. At the heart of any successful token is its adoption and continued usage, underpinned by clear and valuable use cases. We understand that launching and ensuring the sustainability of a token is a difficult process that must be respected, that is why we've set our first distribution to be 24 months. We have studied positive and negative real-world examples of how governments manage their economies, this has helped us build our long term plans for sustainable growth. $KWIC is the currency that fuels the KWIC ecosystem, it is needed to purchase in game KWICverse Credits, spending directly on obtaining rare/ 1 of 1 NFT items, powering The Forge and upgrading certain KWIC NFTs. Whenever the $KWIC token is used for these purposes, a large portion of it will be redirected back into the economy via the Token cycle. Fixed Supply: 888,888,888 Policy ID: b3ad8b975d24235a43cb2a54d58c717ed9dd11560b4deba2273ffb1d Available to trade on VyFinance:​